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Gure Dendak

Gure Dendak supports the local economy with Shopery Marketplaces

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Gure Dendak supports the local economy with Shopery Marketplaces

Vocento, the leading press group in Spain, joins the Public Administration and promotion associations to commerce to promote the digitization of local commerce in Gipuzkoa

The Challenges

  • Earn income not tied to advertising
  • Expand the offer for advertisers, reaching the online sale of their products
  • The arrival of global Marketplaces in the food industry (eg: Amazon, etc.) reduces intermediaries but does not improve margins.
  • Provide its readers with a way to buy online from their usual stores

The Solution

- A B2C marketplace where businesses can make online sales
- Product catalog management by each merchant
- Payment by card and collection in store or home delivery
- Promotion by Vocento from its local newspaper (paper and digital)
- Content manager for the Home page to boost the marketplace
- Data Analytics
- Dashboard for continuous monitoring.

The Results after one year

More shops want to be part of the project

>68% increase in the number of shops on the marketplace.

Sales are booming

x 21 in monthly sales through the platform

Orders are increasing

x 12 in orders.

Order tickets

>61% increase in the average order ticket

Protection against global marketplaces

The irruption of global online marketplaces (eg: Amazon, AliBaba, etc.) with highly optimised processes poses a threat to the distribution chain.

Excelling in customer service

HORECA customers are now highly interested in making digital purchases 24hx7d and in exploring new products on their own, even more if there are several brands offering a large catalogue.

Discover how a Marketplace platform would boost your business. Are you ready?

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