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Revitalizing established corporations: a digital sales platform designed for B2B excellence

Empower your corporate evolution: Transforming B2B sales with our platform.

For long-standing corporations looking to modernize their sales processes and expand their digital footprint, our platform offers a powerful solution tailored specifically for the unique demands of B2B transactions. Here’s how our platform can transform your traditional sales channels into a sophisticated digital commerce ecosystem.

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Features built with B2B in mind

Digital sales channel for B2B

Transform your traditional sales approach into a dynamic digital sales channel. Our platform is engineered with B2B operations at its core, making it ideal for large-scale producers seeking to digitalize their sales processes and enhance accessibility for business buyers.

Regulated buyer onboarding and segmentation

Streamline buyer registration with capabilities to request accreditation and necessary documents during the onboarding process. This ensures that only qualified businesses gain access to your products, maintaining compliance in regulated industries. Further, segment your buyers to offer customized pricing and terms, aligning with the distinct needs of each segment for more targeted marketing and sales strategies.

Advanced catalog management

Manage a sophisticated catalog designed with FMCG and other industries in mind. Our platform supports advanced pricing mechanisms such as tiered pricing and bulk purchase discounts, enhancing flexibility in how you offer and price your products.

Geographically organized distribution

Efficiently manage stock across multiple distribution centers, each dedicated to serving specific geographical areas. This feature ensures optimized logistics, faster delivery times, and reduced transportation costs, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Multi-parcel management

Adapt shipping and handling according to the unique requirements of different products or distribution centers. Whether it's based on product characteristics or logistical needs, our platform facilitates complex shipping arrangements seamlessly.

Seamless integration with existing systems

Our API-first approach allows for seamless integration with your existing ERP systems, such as SAP. This ensures that catalog and stock data are consistently synchronized, providing a single source of truth across your digital and physical sales channels.

Flexible payment and logistic integrations

Our platform is agnostic to specific logistic and payment methods, offering you the freedom to manage these critical elements directly through your preferred systems without any restrictions from our API.

Multiple storefront capabilities

If your operations require, integrate our solution across multiple digital storefronts, enabling a diversified approach to how your products are presented and sold online.

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