Shopery is your one-stop platform

Shopery is a marketplace SaaS platform providing a full solution including back-office and storefront, both for B2B and B2C marketplaces

Shopery allows you to:

Move fast
Focus on your growth, not the technology
Manage just one tech platform
Adapt it to your customer journey

Move fast

You have a great idea for a Marketplace but speed is key and window opportunities are not there forever.

With Shopery you can quickly launch your Marketplace without having to spend months recruiting a development team, defining specifications and managing the tech project. And of course without the initial investment this represents.

Shopery offers a platform where you can easily create the Marketplace storefront, invite vendors so that they upload their products and start getting transactions, plus tons of other features to configure and operate the Marketplace.

Focus on growth, not technology

Your time is gold and should be dedicated to launch and grow your Marketplace business: managing marketing campaigns, onboarding vendors, attending buyers, etc.

Shopery takes care of the technology, so that you focus on the business.

We provide the hosting infrastructure with a dedicated high performance server, the Software as a Service platform and the Technical Support.

Manage just one tech platform

You need to simplify non business related areas to achieve your Marketplace success.

With Shopery you do not need to manage one platform for the back-office and another one for the storefront, as we provide a full solution including back-office and storefront.

You just need to work with one software provider instead of handling two of them with the corresponding integration and coordination.

Adapt it to your customer journey

You want to offer a unique user experience and your Marketplace needs to adapt to your customer journey.

Shopery offers customizations on top of the SaaS platform to provide the required user experience, as well as integrations with 3rd party systems.

We become your tech partner during the whole life of your Marketplace, accompanying you in your success.

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