Why Shopery?
Unveiling the evolution of B2B commerce

Embark on a journey through time and innovation

Shopery Commerce platforms iterations.

In the realm of B2B commerce, where complexity is a given, Shopery stands out with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved. Since our inception in 2015, we have evolved through multiple iterations of our platform—from a basic "ecommerce in a few clicks" setup to advanced marketplaces with monolithic architecture, and now to a API-first B2B solution that precisely addresses the unique demands of this sector.

Shopery is not just another platform attempting to adapt B2C functionalities for B2B uses. Our solution is built from the ground up, with each feature, including custom role management and tiered pricing, tailored to empower B2B operations. Our extensive journey through various versions of our product has endowed us with essential know-how and a robust platform designed to tackle the specific challenges of B2B commerce effectively.

Shopery platform. Company approval process

Streamlined company onboarding

Simplify your company onboarding process with Shopery's streamlined approval workflows.

Our platform makes it easy to establish and enforce approval processes for new company registrations, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Company management

Shopery's company section provides a centralized hub for managing company details, including user assignments, roles, and company information.

Easily add users to your company, assign different roles, and maintain accurate company details, including addresses and contact information.

Shopery commerce platform screenshot. Management of companies and user permissions
Shopery commerce platform. Roles and permissions management

Custom role management

With Shopery, you have full control over user permissions and access levels. Whether you're managing a large team or working with multiple partners, our custom role management feature allows you to define roles and permissions with precision, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and confidential.

So why entrust your B2B commerce needs to Shopery?

Because we possess a proven track record of innovation and adaptation in this field. We understand the pain points because we've navigated them ourselves and have developed solutions that make a real difference. Partner with us, and let's expertly manage the complexities of B2B commerce together, leveraging our vast experience to your competitive advantage.

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