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Act better together

Collaboration and helping each other are the cornerstones of our company culture, meaning learning and evolving together.

Collaboration helps us recognize each other's strengths and allows us to create a safe and welcoming environment where we feel confident to strive towards our highest potential. We enjoy working together and we do this for the sake of a collective goal: reciprocal growth and empowerment.

People first

Do the right thing

The most valuable asset of any company are its people. We care about our people and culture above everything else. Therefore, we create a flexible environment that allows us to balance our personal and professional lives.

By people we not only refer to us as a team, but also to customers and end users. Hence, our products are built with care following ethical principles, always focused on making a difference. We love doing things right, but also doing the right thing.


Embrace differences

A diverse team helps to organically create a healthier work environment. We constantly strive to ensure an inclusive atmosphere where all non-discriminating perspectives are always welcomed.

Also, we believe that any product will be better with the input of different points of view and will contribute to a more profitable enterprise. Having people with diverse backgrounds allows us to approach challenges more effectively and guarantees that we won't get biased by an echo chamber.


Make a lasting impact

Our ambition is to build something we feel proud of and which will endure the test of time. We do this by building high-quality systems that will deliver the value, such as ensuring scalability and maintainability, that our clients deserve.

We always aim for the best, pragmatic, and most simple solution for our challenges, being very conscious of the fact that simple can be harder than complex.


Lead through innovation

We love tackling complex problems in our everyday work and finding the best-possible solutions by thinking out of the box and experimenting with different solution proposals.

Our constant dialogue as a team paired with our innate curiosity as individuals thereby delivers not only continuous improvement and innovation for our clients, but also personal and professional growth for ourselves and a virtuous cycle that is beneficial to all stakeholders.


Enjoy the journey

We consider that feeling appreciated and valued is indispensable for a truly rewarding work experience. We praise one another for small and big achievements, and we feel proud of the work well done.

As a team, we take time to stop and acknowledge the progress, to reflect on the journey made, and to celebrate our accomplishments.

Shopery Perks and Benefits

Remote work

Remote-first working policy with the option to work from our stunning office facilities in the heart of Barcelona.

Time for independent learning and training

Spend 1 day a month learning or training in something you consider relevant to your career path and expertise.

Exchange bank holiday for a vacation day

Bank holiday can be used as a normal working day and instead exchanged for another date.

Vacation accrual

Accrue additional 0.5 vacation day for each year worked in the company.

Summer Friday

Friday afternoons off in July and August.

Duvet days

Take a day off without prior notice when feeling like today is just not the day (limited amount of days per year).

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