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Shopery platform for digital sales and ecommerce

For large brands that utilize franchising as their primary distribution method, our B2B ecommerce platform offers a revolutionary solution designed to streamline and enhance the way you manage your franchise network.


Maximize your digital sales potential with Shopery's seamless transition from traditional sales channels to a robust digital commerce environment. Shopery facilitates the entire sales process, from customer engagement to secure transaction management, all while providing a streamlined user experience that enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Shopery composable ecommerce
B2B franchise model

Franchise model

Configure Shopery to manage franchise operations effectively. Centralize your product catalog and maintain uniform pricing across all franchisees while allowing for localized adjustments as needed. Our platform ensures consistency in brand and product offerings, while also providing tools for real-time updates and adaptability to market demands.

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Multi-vendor solutions

Expand your business reach with Shopery’s multi-vendor marketplace configuration. This setup allows multiple sellers to list their products, catering to businesses such as restaurants or hospitals that benefit from a single source for diverse needs. Shopery’s platform supports this collaborative environment, enhancing visibility for sellers and simplifying procurement for buyers.

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Shopery Multi-vendor marketplace solution

Tailored solutions for every business model

Our API-first, headless architecture ensures that regardless of your business model, you can deploy a solution that's optimized for your specific needs.

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Empower your business with Shopery’s advanced digital sales platform.

Whether you’re enhancing direct sales, overseeing a franchise network, or building a comprehensive multi-vendor marketplace, our platform is designed to scale and adapt to your evolving business requirements. Ready to transform your digital sales strategy? Contact us today to explore how Shopery can drive your business forward.

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