Unleashing the power of MACH

Explore Shopery's B2B commerce platform, engineered with MACH architecture for seamless operations and scalable growth.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, our platform leverages the MACH architecture to provide a future-proof, flexible, and scalable solution. This approach not only caters to the complex needs of B2B operations but also ensures that our platform is agile, resilient, and capable of adapting to changing business demands.

Here’s how each component of MACH powers our platform:


Microservices: Modular and scalable

Microservices architecture allows our platform to function with a collection of small, independent, and loosely coupled services. Each service is responsible for a specific business capability and can be updated, deployed, and scaled independently.

Custom Front
Content management
Custom Apps
Tax management
Marketing automation

Increased agility

Rapid deployment and updates without disrupting the entire system.

Enhanced scalability

Each service can be scaled based on demand, optimizing resource utilization and performance.


Isolated services mean that issues in one area don’t cause system-wide outages.


API-first: Seamless integrations and interoperability

API-first design means that all functionality on our platform is exposed through robust APIs, which are developed first and are considered the primary method of interaction with the underlying functionality.

Shopery commerce platform. API request and response example


Easily integrate with other systems, apps, or third-party services to extend capabilities.


Customize and extend platform functionalities to meet specific business requirements.


Enables developers to innovate faster, using familiar tools to build on or modify existing capabilities.


Cloud-native: Built for the cloud from the ground up

Our platform is designed to fully exploit the advantages of cloud computing. It's built and hosted directly in the cloud, optimized for elastic scaling, resilience, and seamless updates.

Shopery Platform. Built for the cloud from the ground up

Operational efficiency

Reduced IT overheads with better management of resources and lower maintenance costs.

Global scalability

Deploy and manage your operations globally with the same efficiency and speed, adjusting resources as needed.

Continuous improvement

Leverage continuous deployment and integration practices for rapid iteration and deployment of new features.


Headless: Ultimate flexibility in user experience

The headless architecture of our platform means that the back-end (where the data and business logic reside) is decoupled from the front-end presentation layer. This allows for ultimate flexibility in how data is presented and consumed.

Headless ecommerce

Omnichannel experience

Serve content and functionality across multiple front-ends or devices from a single back-end.

Enhanced customization

Tailor unique user experiences without altering the core logic of your platform.

Speed to market

Faster redesigns and iterations on the front-end without backend dependencies.

Embracing the MACH architecture, our platform offers unparalleled adaptability, resilience, and future-readiness, ensuring that your business is equipped to face the digital future confidently. This technical foundation allows us to deliver a solution that not only meets today's needs but is also ready to evolve with tomorrow's challenges.

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