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B2B franchise model

Optimizing franchise operations: centralized catalog with tailored franchisee autonomy

Transforming franchise distribution: our B2B ecommerce solution

For large brands that utilize franchising as their primary distribution method, our B2B ecommerce platform offers a revolutionary solution designed to streamline and enhance the way you manage your franchise network. Here’s how our platform can transform your operations and drive growth across your franchised outlets:

B2B franchise model. Stock management

Features built with B2B in mind

Centralized brand catalog management

Our platform centralizes catalog management, allowing the main brand to update product information, prices, and stock levels in real time. This ensures that all franchisees have access to the most current and consistent product details, directly from the brand headquarters. This unified approach eliminates discrepancies in product offerings across different franchises, maintaining brand integrity and consistency.

Franchisee-specific customizations

Each franchisee can personalize their stock levels and pricing within the framework provided by the central catalog. This flexibility supports franchisees in adjusting prices based on local market conditions and managing inventory more effectively, leading to optimized sales and reduced overhead.

Tailored for FMCG with advanced pricing models

Our platform is specifically tailored for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, supporting both unit-based and weight-based pricing. Whether it’s pricing per kilogram of apples or per box, our system accommodates complex pricing structures including bulk purchases and tiered pricing models. This enables precise billing according to the actual weight sold, enhancing accuracy in transactions.

Multi-parcel order management

Orders can be segmented into multiple parcels based on product characteristics like temperature requirements (frozen vs. fresh), facilitating efficient logistics and distribution management. This feature ensures that products are handled appropriately and reach their destination in optimal condition.

Integration flexibility

Our API-first approach allows seamless integration with your existing payment gateways and logistic systems. Franchisees can incorporate their preferred methods directly into their individual storefronts, with all transactional data flowing back to the central platform for comprehensive monitoring and reporting.

Robust access and permissions

The platform supports multiple user roles within buyer and franchisee companies, enabling granular control over who can view or perform actions on the platform. This ensures that only authorized personnel can perform sensitive operations, enhancing security and internal control.

Dynamic data insights with Webhooks

Utilize webhooks for real-time updates on key events, such as order registrations. This allows brands and franchisees to react quickly to changes in order status, stock levels, and other critical business events, enabling more responsive and adaptive operations.

Streamlined buyer registration and management

Buyers, including B2B clients such as restaurants and retailers, can self-register on the platform and may be subject to an approval process, ensuring that only qualified buyers access wholesale rates. This not only expands your potential market but also maintains the exclusivity and integrity of your distribution network.

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