B2B multi-seller digital platform

B2B sales digitalisation to focus on growth, via a marketplace where seller companies and buyer companies meet together.

B2B marketplaces can be oriented to sales, to request proposals, to recurring purchases, etc.

B2B Marketplace solution

Adaptative customer experience

In B2B customers often require different pricing, different recommended products for up-selling & cross-selling, different terms and conditions, different content, etc.

With Shopery several customer segments can be created and each customer assigned to one of them.

The customer experience is therefore different depending on the user.

Configurable B2B pricing

Sellers can configure their products pricing in different ways:

  • Different pricing for each customer segment
  • Specific pricing per product per customer
  • Volume discounts

Requests management

In B2B buyers often lead the sales process by requesting a proposal or quote for certain products or to fulfil specific requirements.

The Shopery platform allows the buyers to enter their needs and the sellers to propose their offering.

Benefits of a B2B Marketplace

Provide the online B2B experience your customers need

Your customers are now looking for an online purchasing experience available 24x7, so do not stay behind with offline long processes based on emails, pdfs and signatures.

Focus on growth, not on administration

Your Sales Team can concentrate on acquiring new customers or on important up-selling & cross-selling opportunities, not on chasing recurring business nor on following bureaucratic processes.

Know your customers better

When digitising sales, patterns and trends get more visible and this implies better insights for cross-selling and for achieving a better customer engagement.

Sell more products, get more revenue

Through a digital platform, the product assortment can easily grow without the burden of logistics and storage. Offering 3rd party products means not only increasing revenues through commissions, but also increasing visits to the marketplace which may become new customers.

Get all your data in one place

With offline processes, data is usually spread in different company silos: RFPs, quotes received, price agreements, contracts, etc. Shifting B2B sales to online means having all sales data in one place.

Faster decision making through valuable insights

The huge amount of data obtained on the marketplace can be used for quick smart decision making as there are unlimited insights: which customers are in risk of churn, how to engage new customers to become recurring customers, how many units will be sold for a certain product next quarter, etc.

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