B2C multi-seller store

On a B2C marketplace, larger product catalogues can be handled with ease, which attracts a higher number of visits and ensures recurrent purchases.

Sellers can manage their catalogue, their orders and their logistics on their own, therefore creating a scalable online business.

The marketplace creator can monetize the platform through commissions to sellers.

Smooth seller onboarding

The seller’s back-office allows them to register on the platform, get their content approved, have their products uploaded and set transportation prices, in order to quickly start getting orders.

Scalable operations

A complete back-office to invite new sellers, manage the content, configure commissions to sellers, dynamize the marketplace with articles and promotions, etc.

Valuable insights

Great metrics and insights to analyse trends in real time, allowing quick decision making to add a new category with new sellers, new tactics to recover abandoned carts, increase stock for most sold products, etc.

Benefits of a B2C Marketplace

Digital behaviour know-how

Direct access to the final consumer digital behaviour know-how in real time Insights on market trends in a moment of continuous and sudden changes.

Higher recurrence and upselling

With an online marketplace, final consumers can easily generate recurring orders and discover new products through navigation or through smart product recommendations.

New customers acquisition

By inviting many sellers to the marketplace, the discovery of new products is encouraged through product recommendations, generating network effects and resulting in new customers for the different brands participating in the marketplace.

Better control of prices and margins

The Shopery online marketplace platform gives sellers complete autonomy in fixing prices. Moreover, margins may increase dramatically if the distribution chain is shortened. For the initiator of the Marketplace, there is also a possibility to add commissions on third party sales.

Protection against global marketplaces

The irruption of global online marketplaces (eg: Amazon, AliBaba, etc.) with highly optimised processes poses a threat to the distribution chain.

Sell anywhere anytime but not alone

Consumers are now highly interested in making digital purchases 24hx7d and in exploring new products on their own, whether local or global ones. But one-seller online stores have trouble generating enough traffic. A marketplace generates network effects for all sellers.

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