Technology for
Marketplace Builders

Platform to build a multi-seller online store where sellers can sell their products, taking care of shipping and inventory.

One platform to configure it all

A backoffice for the marketplace to manage the storefront content, to invite new sellers and to handle all operations. A backoffice for the vendors to manage their product catalogue and to handle their orders.

B2B Marketplace solution

B2B multi-seller digital platform

B2B marketplaces often differ from one another but these are the most common implemented features

  • Private platform under registration of seller and buyer
  • Publication of products offered by the seller and demanded by buyers
  • Private price agreement between vendor and buyer
  • Integration with 3rd-party systems: ERP, CRM, etc.
B2C Marketplace solution

B2C multi-seller store

A B2C Marketplace offers a wide range of products to consumers, whether for a niche market or for many diverse categories.

  • Large product catalogue without storage & logistics
  • Monetization through commissions and monthly fees
  • Fast Time to Market
  • Low Cost of Ownership

Get new business faster

Easy onboarding

Easily invite vendors to the platform to create their profile page and start selling.

Maximize your sales

Promotion tools to increase transactions: Coupons, discounts, free shipping, top bar banner and pop-up banner.

Handling a large product catalogue

Add unlimited products to the platform whether manually or massively.

Ensuring monetization

Configure commissions to vendors for an automatic calculation and reporting.

Content moderation

Configure moderation for vendor profiles, products and reviews.

Storefront customization

Content manager on the backoffice to create the storefront pages and to handle changes in real time.

Top technology

High availability dedicated servers with 24x7 maintenance, so that you focus on growing your business.

Monitor your metrics

Full control of the marketplace through the data insights provided on a dashboard and a complete metrics report, all exportable.

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