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Smoothly manage your company purchases

Organize your purchases through an e-procurement B2B marketplace

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Be more competitive against your competitors

Save on your operating costs thanks to digitization and standardizing processes.

Why a B2B E-procurement Marketplace?

  • The Purchasing area of companies tends to work with inefficient traditional methods that do not offer the operationalareas the necessary agility. Often, certain areas of the company make purchases independently, not being able to improve prices based on volume. Forecasts of purchase budgets are therefore not very accurate and controlling costs is a challenge.
  • Quotes are requested from various suppliers via email and agreements are available with the most common through a printed or pdf catalog.
  • The manual management of suppliers alsoimplies working with a limited set of them, reducing the ability to compare andimprove prices.
  • Due to the low efficiency of the process, the operating costs of Purchasing & Administration are high.

Give better choices to your procurement team

Provide an access to a greater catalog of products and suppliers to all areas of your business.

Strategic Reasons

Purchasing behaviour know-how

Acquisition of know-how of the purchases made from each area in real time and of the suppliers and prices applied.

Better cost control in real time

With a digital platform, you will be able to access in real time your company purchases while being able to control costs.

Better catalog of products and suppliers

By standardising purchasing processes within your company, you will create a bigger pool of suppliers and products to buy.
Your purchasing teams will be able to access more offers for their needs, resulting in a reduction in prices.

Standardizing processes

Unifying the processes of your teams give more efficiency to your whole company purchases. Furthermore, a Marketplace provides a greater agility in the service to the various areas of the company.

Saving in costs

Savings in operating costs thanks to digitization.

Be more competitive

Better competitiveness against competitors thanks to a more optimized cost structure.

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