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Being digitalized will help you increase agility and efficiency while increasing your margins

Why a B2B Food Market for Distribution?

  • Centralized management by a large and often poorly digitized distributor penalizes agility and efficiency, limiting its product catalog, reducing its margins and losing competitiveness against the small distributor.
  • The irruption into the supply of global online marketplaces (eg: Amazon, etc.) with highly optimized processes poses a threat to the distribution chain.
  • The creation of a Marketplace by a wholesaler allows you to decentralize the management of the catalog and logistics, as well as digitize the entire process.

Improve your processes

Decentralize the management of your catalog and logistics, as well as digitize the entire process.

Strategic Reasons

Digital behaviour know-how

Direct access to your retailers digital behaviour know-how in real time.
Insights on market trends in a moment of continuous and sudden changes.

Higher recurrence and upselling

With a digital platform, your customers can easily generate recurring orders and discover new products through navigation or through smart product recommendations.

Larger catalog of products

Let your producers add their catalogue to your marketplace. This will help you improve the buying experience while increasing your sales.

Margins increase

A digital platform for B2B sales to retailers allows the digitalisation of sales and administration processes, therefore increases margins dramatically.

Protection against global marketplaces

The irruption of global online marketplaces (eg: Amazon, AliBaba, etc.) with highly optimised processes poses a threat to the distribution chain.

Excelling in customer service

Retailers are now highly interested in making digital purchases 24hx7d and in exploring new products on their own, even more if there are several brands offering a large catalogue.

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