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Be closer to your audience

Maximize your support to local businesses and citizens through an online B2C marketplace

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Bring your local businesses online

Offer them a new dedicated platform to sell their products and services and a closer link to their buyers

Why a B2C Local commerce Marketplace for Public Administration?

  • The current situation of Covid-19 puts the survival of SMEs at risk, especially small businesses and local producers. It is considered that 25% of local commerce is at risk of disappearing, assuming devastating effects for the social fabric, to be compensated via subsidies. It is essential to help them survive by facilitating the transition to online sales.
  • Opening an online store does not generate a sufficient audience and requires investment in marketing.
  • Selling on global marketplaces involves paying a high commission.
  • On the other hand, the creation of a Marketplace by the Administration contributes to Network Effect by being able to offer to the customer a broader portfolio of products and being able to place multi-store orders.

Bring your citizens and your local businesses closer

Strengthen the link between your citizens and local business, allowing them to discover new potential shops and buying online their products.

Strategic Reasons

Support local businesses

Maintain the social fabric helping small businesses to survive during the Covid-19 crisis, avoiding a further increase in unemployment.

Bring businesses and buyers closer

Ensure the continuity of physical stores to act as a social catalyst after the pandemic by promoting social relations between neighbors.

Increase local sales

Reduce the mobility of citizens by making it easier for them to buy online in their usual shops in the territory.

Keep your businesses

Avoid shortages by maintaining a small business in each area.

Protection against global marketplaces

The irruption of global online marketplaces (eg: Amazon, AliBaba, etc.) with highly optimised processes poses a threat to small businesses. A marketplace helps your local businesses make the transition online.

Get to know better your citizens

Greater proximity between the Public Administration and SMEs and the citizens of the territory.

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