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Support your local customers and businesses by offering them a B2C Local Commerce Marketplace

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Increase your customers loyalty

Increase your customer loyalty by offering them local products and services suited to their needs.

Why a B2C Local Commerce Marketplace for Banking?

  • With low interest rates, retail banks must seek new sources of income and above all keep current clients.
  • The current situation of Covid19 puts the survival of its SME clients at risk.
    Their online stores require a high marketing investment and global marketplaces require a high commission.
    It is a good time to help them survive and build loyalty.
  • The increase in sales through global marketplaces makes it difficult for banks to sell consumer credit.
  • The recent mergers in the banking market also force to reduce operating costs.

Reinforce your local presence

Create new links or deepen relationships with local partners, offering them to promote and sell their products or services to your customers.

Strategic Reasons

Digital behaviour know-how

Direct access to your customers digital behaviour know-how in real time.
Insights on market trends in a moment of continuous and sudden changes.

Contribute to the local economy

Your marketplace will create a new online sales channel to its clients in the SME segment at a time of economic crisis to ensure their survival.
You will support local SMEs while investing locally to reinforce your presence.

Facilitate the sales of credits to your customers

By knowing more about your customer and more about its buying habits, you will offer customized consumer credit to the individual segment.

Better engagement from your SMEs and your customers

By providing them an new platform with products exclusively dedicated to their needs, your customers will be more engaged to the bank.
By supporting your SMEs in a difficult time, you will reinforce the link they have with your bank.
This contributes to more loyalty towards the bank and better customer retention.

Create a network of opportunities between you and your SMEs

Strenghtening your presence locally will give you access to a new pool of potential customers (individuals and entreprises).

Make your current SMEs ecosystem profitable

Your current actions towards SMEs are not necessarily monetized. You can either offer it free to SMEs or to monetize it via commissions.

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