B2B Marketplace

Digitalizing sales to HORECA

Maximize your sales to HORECA through an online B2B marketplace

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Get more time to acquire new customers

Concentrate your field sales visits on acquiring new customers or on upselling/cross-selling

Why a B2B Marketplace for HORECA?

  • With an increasingly online user experience, food producers do not have direct access to consumer behavioral know-how.
  • High fragmentation in the value chain and a distribution chain with several intermediaries has reduced margins for producers.
  • The arrival of global Marketplaces in the food industry (eg: Amazon, etc.) reduces intermediaries but does not improve margins.
  • The creation of an online store does not generate a sufficient audience. On the other hand, the creation of a Marketplace by a producer, inviting other complementary producers, contributes to Network Effects (higher traffic, better price control, better know-how).

Easy-to-use 24hx7d platform for HORECA

Provide your HORECA customers and distributors an easy-to-use purchasing platform 24hx7d.

Optionally invite other complementary producers to sell their products to the marketplace to enlarge the product catalogue and to increase the customers engagement with the platform.

Strategic Reasons

Digital behaviour know-how

Direct access to the HORECA customer digital behaviour know-how in real time.
Insights on market trends in a moment of continuous and sudden changes.

Higher recurrence and upselling

With a digital platform, HORECA customers and distributors can easily generate recurring orders and discover new products through navigation or through smart product recommendations.

New customers acquisition

Field sales teams will dedicate more time to acquire new customers, just having to overview their current customers sales.
By inviting other brands to the marketplace, the discovery of new products is encouraged through product recommendations, generating network effects and resulting in new customers for the brands participating in the marketplace.

Margins increase

A digital platform for B2B sales to HORECA allows the digitalisation of sales and administration processes, therefore increases margins dramatically.
Optionally the distribution chain can be shortened and producers can have a better control on pricing.

Protection against global marketplaces

The irruption of global online marketplaces (eg: Amazon, AliBaba, etc.) with highly optimised processes poses a threat to the distribution chain.

Excelling in customer service

HORECA customers are now highly interested in making digital purchases 24hx7d and in exploring new products on their own, even more if there are several brands offering a large catalogue.

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